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DBT for Parents of Teens Who Cut - by Jorinda Margolis, MSW, LICSW

DBT For Parents is an opportunity for you to become familiar with the skills your teen is learning in their DBT class with Beth. D.B.T is an abbreviation for dialectical behavior therapy. Dialectics are about finding a balance between validating and understanding the feelings driving current behaviors, while at the same time having an expectation for change and improvement. Although it may not look like it, most people are doing the best they can given the feelings and skills they have. DBT skills training groups teach the new skills that are necessary to make positive behavioral change.

The parent group covers the four basic skills modules of Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance and Interpersonal Effectiveness. Familiarity with the DBT skills will allow you to be more prepared to support and encourage your teen to practice their new skills by applying them in real life situations. The skills of DBT are universally applicable and useful life skills for anyone. Parenting is often challenging. Parenting a challenged and challenging teen is often overwhelming. We can feel ineffective and just plain worn out. DBT skills can be a welcome addition to our own parenting and coping skills.

Parent class also offers support, encouragement, empathy and practical suggestions from both myself and other parents experiencing similar challenges. If your teens behaviors are beyond those that accompany typical adolescence.This can leave you feeling isolated, embarrassed or even judged. This group is a judgement free zone where you can choose to share or not share whatever you like. Believe or not, we laugh a lot! Crying is also acceptable : )

If you have additional questions, you can contact me by email ( or text me at 603 205 5674. Most insurances cover parent group. Self pay fee is $40 a session or $70 a couple. If you choose to be in the parent group, please be ready to make a 12 week commitment to participate and attend. Groups can continue beyond the 12 weeks for ongoing connection and support.

I look forward to meeting you. It is my sincere hope that the skills training and support of the group will decrease feelings of isolation and bring hope and humor to your parenting journey.

Jorinda Margolis, MSW, LICSW


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