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For Teens and Young Adults
If you struggle to control your emotions and urges and feel you are more sensitive or feel things more strongly than most of the people you know, DBT skills training may be helpful for you. Groups are comprised of 4-10 members, divided by age.

The groups are very structured. We start each session with a mindfulness exercise, then discuss how members used the skills taught at the last session over the past week. Members then learn new material, and are given ideas for how to use what was just learned over the next week. Most people think the groups are similar to classes.

12 week group members are provided all handouts needed for sessions. 9 month group members are encouraged to purchase DBT Skills Training Handouts and Worksheets by Marsha Linehan.

DBT sessions have proven to be an effective addition to individual therapy for many people. Succession completion of a DBT skills training group often means participants now understand what they need to do to better manage their mental health. The skills taught are not easy to practice or single use; they teach a way of thinking and coping that requires work and persistence and provides participants a path towards a more stable life.