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About Beth

For the past 23 years I have used the standard DBT model to help teens and adults learn to keep themselves safe and better manage their lives. I believe that the core principal of DBT, simultaneously helping clients accept their pain and pushing for change, is key to successful treatment.

Since my DBT training in 1997 I have run skills training groups for teens and young adults. I have worked with young people from Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts for the past 25 years, and continue to have enthusiasm for helping young people learn how to better manage their emotions and control their behavior.

In 2018 I attended a 2 week training on Radically Open (RO) DBT. This new treatment option is an exciting addition to my current group practice. RO DBT is aimed at helping people improved emotional connection and mental flexibility. It is a natural “second step” for many DBT clients.

Aside from extensive DBT training, I have post-masters certificates in trauma and EMDR and have completed a training session on positive psychology. These educational experiences provided me with additional resources to better serve my DBT clients.