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What is DBT? Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a treatment model which combines elements of psychoanalytic and cognitive-behavior therapy with mindfulness, a type of meditation derived from Zen Buddhism. Research studies have proven that this treatment approach, developed by Dr. Marsha Linehan, is effective in decreasing clients' self-harming behaviors.

Who should attend? Young people who attend DBT skills training groups often struggle with self-harming behaviors such as cutting, eating disorders, aggression and substance abuse.

The skills training sessions offer members ideas and strategies to better manage emotions and resist self-destructive urges. With these skills they will act more effectively with adults and peers in order to keep themselves safe and participate more fully in school, home and recreational activities.

Groups are offered in 12 week sessions for middle school students (grades 6-8), high school students (grades 9-12) and young adults (ages 18-24).

What do you learn? Each 12 week session will help group members decrease interpersonal problems, confusion about thoughts and feelings, impulsivity and emotional instability by increasing interpersonal effectiveness, mindfulness, distress tolerance and emotion regulation skills.

Each class provides education, direct instruction, experiential exercises, and feedback to help participants understand each skill. Practice exercises (homework) will be given most weeks.

Skills training does not replace individual therapy. All group members must have an individual therapist with whom they meet regularly throughout their participation in the group. I will communicate with each individual therapist to help generalize into daily life the skills taught in group sessions.